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Poetry Alive! (Alan Drop)

Poetry Alive! (Alan Drop)

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Poetry can inspire us. It engages our emotions and sometimes directs them.It can increase our awareness of the beauty around us and make us think about the darker sides of life. Sometimes it comforts us and often it is just pure fun. Poems can even have a physical effect on people.

In this “easy to follow” presentation, Alan Drop inspires students to connect with poetry.  He engages their emotions and thoughts by linking it to their lives and then extending the boundaries.  The “lecture” has surprises, using stories, poetry, humour and audience interaction.  Students are taken on a journey into a classroom in England, a World War One trench in France and into the head of someone deeply in love.

Alan has a masters degree in English literature, has taught in 7 different countries and now works as a stand up comedian and public speaker. He writes, “I took the ultimate challenge by presenting this to a group of tough 17 year old rugby players in South America.  At the end of the lecture they asked me to continue.  In Norway I hope to encourage students to read more poetry and hopefully write their own.  I want them to connect with the poetry in their personal lives.”

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  • Arrangert av: Nord-Trøndelag fylkeskommune
  • Kunstnere/grupper: Alan Drop
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Education: Masters degree in Literature
Present: Professional stand up comedian, public speaker and writer.  Also runs Stand Up Trondheim.
Previous: Taught in Portugal, Norway, Uruguay, South Africa, Swaziland
Also previous: Owned a sports shop, administrator for yacht chartering company, had own tennis school, and worked in IT for Shell International Chemical Company 


  • Alan Drop
  • Alan Drop

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Alan Drop - Poetry Alive
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  • Alan Drop